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Journal: 18 Mar 2019

I’ve had quite a busy day today! Along side my day job, I’ve got a lot of other stuff done.

It started with me sending a quick reply to Tim Cook’s tweet with him using the new iPad. That tweet somehow got popular, and starting blowing up my notifications. I also linked to the new iPads from my blog, with what I think is a pretty good headline.

I also made some big progress on the Text Case 2.0 release! It’s been officially submitted to Apple, and I’m aiming for a release this Friday (22nd). That all meant I had to prepare all the screenshots, content for the website, and the announcement post that will go on my blog. I then informed some websites/writers about the upcoming release, and hopefully they’re excited as I am!

Just about everything is ready to go, and that’s definitely a good idea, as I’m actually going to be in Oslo, Norway, on release day! That should be fun!

It also means that the journal entries should contain loads of photos soon. I’m out there from Wednesday to Saturday.

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