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Journal: 18 Jun 2019

We started the day with the all-inclusive breakfast, which isn’t actually that extravagant. But it’s better than nothing.

As usual, after eating, we went back to the room to apply the endless amount of suncream needed for Cyprus, and headed out.

We went to the main Ayia Napa strip, where we visited quite a few random shops. And just because it was there, we had lunch at KFC! Strangely, there was one corner with a KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and a Costa, all seemed pretty familiar to me.

On the way back to the hotel, we walked back via the beach so my girlfriend could have a swim in the sea. I have no intention ever of swimming in the sea, but I’m happy sitting nearby reading or taking photos.

Turns out we also walked back a slightly wrong direction which took us about 15 minutes longer, but we saw some wild kittens which were very playful. So it worked out.

After we were back, we got sorted for dinner, and headed back to the restaurant.

In the evening we sat in the hotels bar outside so we could play DS together. My girlfriend has a “X number of games in one” game, so we played a few card games.

When we were bored with that, we continued tradition by watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and went to bed.

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