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Journal: 18 Feb 2019

Nothing really interesting at work today, apart from working on a release build for an app. So I’ll skip over the first half of the day for this entry.

I’ve been productive in a few areas today outside of work. I wrote another few hundred words for the Nintendo Switch/Pokemon review I’m working on, and I worked on Text Case some more!

I honestly thought I would have been finishing off the review tonight, but as I started writing the piece, I realised it was a bit bigger than I first thought. That’s good though, because I have a lot to talk about!

In the mean time, I did switch back to iA Writer. I’ve been using Ulysses for the past few years, and it’s served me well, but there’s a lot of benefits to iA Writer. So expect a short article on that soon as well.

With Text Case, I finally got around to doing a bit of work on the redesign. When I first completed the draft of the redesign I wanted more colours, so I gave every format a gradient background, and had a specific colour for each section. It always felt half-finished though, and I worked out what the issue was. It was hard to read the formatted text, and it just didn’t look as professional anymore.

I countered this by making the bottom portion of the format be more like the textfield colour, and the text colour to match. It resulted in an instantly recognisable upgrade, I think it’s much better with this slight change. And it makes the results completely readable, which is hard to get when mixing various colours with black text.

I’ve uploaded a build to Apple/TestFlight, and it’s currently waiting to be reviewed before it can be released to everyone. But feel free to sign up to to the beta, and be one of the first users to ever see the 2.0 redesign!

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