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Journal: 18 Apr 2019

I was a bit lazy today. Somehow I managed to sleep through my seemingly silent alarms. It wasn’t a disaster though, as my work are kind enough to let me work from home on these occasions.

It means I lost out on some of the real-life interactions at work, talking to people on my team more about problems, and just general benefits from being near the people you work with.

That doesn’t mean it was all bad, working at home. It meant that I could actually make myself a cooked lunch, and then when the work day finished, I was already at home. There’s also the monetary benefit, because I didn’t have to buy a train ticket.

After work, I linked to a great tip by Jeff Perry at Rocket Panda, about an alternative escape key on the iPad.

At home, we had quite a busy evening as well. We made dinner for my girlfriends sister, and her girlfriend. We were then greeted by my parents, who also came over for a few hours.

It was a bit crazy, but we had a cat that people were giving a fuss to, and the football which myself and my dad were watching. It was, of course, Arsenal. We played away against Napoli, and we won! With a beautiful free kick from Lacazette. 🇫🇷

Now it’s time to unwind before a long bank holiday weekend.

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