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Journal: 17 Apr 2019

A pretty boring day from start to finish today.

I was at work as usual for most of the day, I then went food shopping with my girlfriend, and most of the night I’ve been spent just doing things like sorting through email, Twitter, etc.

The only entertaining thing I did today was listen to the latest episode of Connected, live as it was being recorded. It was a pretty fun episode to listen to.

I also watched a few minutes of the Man City vs Tottenham game, unfortunately although Man City won, Tottenham still progressed to the next round, due to the away goals rule. I really wish they’d get rid of that.

Right now, I should be going to bed. However, what I’m actually doing (apart from writing this) is sitting in my office on my iPad, trying to find a good email app.

There was one other thing, I settled on a “project management” tool for the app I’m currently planning. I went with Trello in the end: