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Journal: 16 Jun 2019

After last night, we were all ready for our trip to Cyprus today.

We woke up, had a coffee/tea, said goodbye to the cat, and headed to Stanstead airport. The airport was rather busy, but it all seemed to flow pretty well, so we didn’t notice any real delays.

However, once we boarded the plane, we were hit with an estimated 50 minute delay from air traffic control. This was just after the plane was ready to leave.

It turned out pretty well though. As all the kids took turns to visit the pilots in the cockpit, and after they had their turn, my girlfriend wanted to see what it was like. So we had a turn.

Fortunately for us, as we went in, the pilots were notified we needed to move around the airport so we could be ready for any early slot. So we sat down in the cockpit! They shut the cabin door, and we got our own tour of the cockpit from the pilot, where I asked them quite a lot about the iPad they were using. I don’t want to write everything I wrote on Twitter here, so if you want to check out what it was like, go to my Twitter.

Once arrived in Larnaca airport, we found our transfer company, and headed to the hotel. And that is pretty much where the day ended. As we had a drink from the bar when we arrived, unpacked in the room, and went to sleep.

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