Journal: 16 Apr 2019

16th April 2019


I woke up with a furry face next to me this morning, which was a pleasant way to start the day. Unfortunately that’s now how the day went on, as after making myself and my girlfriend coffee/tea this morning for our commutes, I put them down to shut the door, and somehow they spilled all over the floor. And then I was greeted with train problems after I got into London.

Luckily, my day at work was alright. So it wasn’t a totally bad day.

Just as I was finishing work, I had a sudden realisation about an app that I want to work on. It’s still a fragile idea, so I don’t particularly want to share details just yet. Which is why I sent out a pretty cryptic tweet about it earlier.

Once I was home, I spent some time writing as much as possible about the idea. And also some form of task/feature list that is going to grow rapidly in the next few days. I’m not rushing into development though, as I want to spend a lot of time planning the project, and getting some tools ready before I start.

That didn’t consume my entire evening though, as I managed to watch the Barcelona vs Manchester United game (Barcelona is my second team), coupled with a pizza!

Right now, we’re just watching another episode of Hanna, and then it will be bed time.

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