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Journal: 15 Mar 2019

A pretty relaxed day all round today! As it’s a Friday, we have a coding kata session at work, so that was fun to do. There’s also the beer fridge that opens at 4 pm, so obviously I enjoyed that! 🍻

After work, I met my family in the pub for a few drinks. And then I was out for a coffee with my friends!

Swiftly after the coffee, me and my girlfriend went good shopping, and now we’re settling down to watch the last episode of the After Life series! It’s only six episodes long, which is a bit of a shame.

There was only one thing on the blog today, and that was my thoughts on Apples response to Spotify.

I did also send another build of Text Case to beta users, but that was just to include a link to the new website in the settings page. The website happened simply because the perfect domain was available, so I had to get it and put it to good use. It’s!

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