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Journal: 15 Apr 2019

I’ll skip work in this entry, there’s really not much to say.

However, me being at work, and my partner also being at work, meant that our cat was at home alone for the first “large” amount of time. After I got back, it appeared he was asleep in out bedroom, and didn’t show any signs of being in distress, or actually missing us that much!

I cooked dinner again tonight, and it was a chicken curry with the rest of the roast chicken I made on Sunday. It was surprisingly good.

After dinner, me and the cat watched the Arsenal game. Well, I can’t really say that he was paying full attention, but I was. We won 1-0 away against Watford, and although the scoreline is pretty low, the 3 points is all that matters. So it was a very good night!

To finish the day, myself and my girlfriend are watching trash tv, and I’m also catching up on articles in my RSS reader.

I did take a photo of our cat today, but I wouldn’t exactly say it was a good one. I’ll include it just to show the problems I face when taking a photo of a fluffy black cat.

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