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Journal: 14 Mar 2019

Today was quite a slow day at work, we wrapped up our last sprint (2 weeks of work), and all the teams in the department came together to do a huge demo to each other. Mine was obviously the most interesting 😜. Seeing as I demoed a complete app that I released, and other people were demoing a lot less.

I spent some time at lunch working on some of Text various bits of copy for Text Case, and I feel like I now have a basic idea of how I’m planning the release, and also a few things afterwards.

On the blog, in linked to an article from the developer of Spectre, about how the release went, and what they have planned for the future. I’ve got a few extra things lined up that I want to share, but I didn’t find the time today.

Tonight has been spend watching things. First of all I watched the Arsenal vs Rennes game, we (Arsenal) played very well, and we came away with a 3-0 win. Which was enough to secure qualification into the Europa League quarter finals!

After that, me and my girlfriend have been continuing with After Life. We’ve managed another three episodes tonight, they’re just so funny and easy to binge watch.