Chris Hannah

Journal: 13 Mar 2019 #


I was doing some interesting things at work today! We’re about to start a web project in Java, so I’ve been investigating loads of things about the frameworks we’re going to use. I’m finding it really fun!

After work I made a lot of progress to Text Case. I added in a text to Emoji format, that attempts to parse any words as emoji, and also does it’s best to randomise them if multiple options are available. I also finished up the rest of the app, so I fixed a few issues with the icon, fixed an issue with text-wrapping in the app, and then some more optimisations.

There’s a possibility that something else is added/fixed in the next few days (not a very high one though). But otherwise, I have the final build of Text Case 2.0, and I’m just about to try to work on the release process.

One thing I have to mention, is my little tweet storm earlier about Spotify taking Apple to court. That was fun.

It wasn’t as fun as the series I started watching tonight though! Me and my girlfriend started watching Ricky Gervais’ new series, After Life, on Netflix. It’s really great, and we watched three episodes back to back.

I shared just the one thing on the blog today, and that was an announcement from Twitter about the changes to the camera in the iOS app. Since then, Sean Thompson, a product designer at Twitter, shared some more of the thinking behind the changes, and also some previews.

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