Chris Hannah

Journal: 12 Jan 2019 #

Well, I guess I could say today didn’t start very well. Arsenal were playing the early kick-off this weekend (12:30) against West Ham, a team we should easily beat. However, the team selection was a bit off (No Mesut Özil), and it just was a bit flat. We lost 1-0, with their goal coming from a mistake from an Arsenal player. Thank god I have a bad memory.

Slightly during the game, my girlfriend was watching a series called Bodyguard. It turned out to be really interesting, and even though I only watched the last 2 episodes (6 total) of it, I worked out the entire plot, so I now don’t have to watch the rest!

The rest of the day has sort of been a rotation of three things, watching nature documentaries, working on Text Case, and playing World of Warcraft. I watched at least three episodes of Planet Earth (the first series) in a row, and then some I don’t even know the name of.

For Text Case, I was working on the Theme select tool. I had the list of settings “working” yesterday, but you couldn’t select anything on it. Today I wrote a generic way to select a setting from the menu, have it open a list of options, then after selecting one, have it reflected in the app. It works with the Themes pretty easily, as that’s not exactly a complex setting. But tomorrow I’ll have a look at importing all the settings in the current app to this new version.

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