Chris Hannah

iOS 10.3

Apple have today (24th January 2017) released the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. I am of course putting this on my iPad and iPhone, so I will keep updating this post with anything new I find.

Apple File System

Apple File System (Wiki) is a file system that is currently being made by Apple for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. However since announcing it in mid 2016, I haven’t seen any more information about it.

But in the first build of iOS 10.3, your iOS devices will be converted to the new file system, so it’s probably best that you do a backup before you upgrade any devices.

Find My AirPods Has Been Sherlocked

Since the AirPods came out, there was a few apps that helped you find them, seeing as they are pretty easy to lose! However they have now been sherlocked, as you can now use Apple’s Find My iPhone app to find them, and even play a sound.

Asking for App Store Rating and Reviews

A new way for developers to ask for ratings and reviews inside apps has been introduced, with the SKStoreReviewController (Currently not resolving) API.

More details from The Loop:

Apple is also limiting the amount of times developers can ask customers for reviews. Developers will only be able to bring up the review dialog three times a year. If a customer has rated the app, they will not be prompted again. If a customer has dismissed the review prompt three times, they will not be asked to review the app for another year.

Customers will also have a master switch that will turn off the notifications for app reviews from all developers, if they wish to do that. – The Loop

Responding to Reviews on the App Store

This is pretty huge, when iOS 10.3 ships, you will be able to respond to reviews on the App Store! The responses will be public, and even the Mac App Store is getting support!

New Profile Section In Settings

At the top of the Settings app, there is now a profile section which makes it easier to quickly find important information.

Firstly, you can change your Name, what phone numbers/email addresses you are contactable at, date of birth, and then a few settings for whether you want to be notified by Apple News, Apple Music, etc.

Then there is the Password & Security section, where you an obviously change your password. But you can also control your two-factor authentication from here, and change your trusted phone number. If you’re trying to verify another Apple device to your iCloud account, then you can request a verification code here as well.

After that there is the Payment & Shipping section, where you can choose your default payment method, and address for when purchasing items from iTunes, iCloud, Apple Store, etc.

You can also navigate to the iCloud, iTunes & App Store, and Family Sharing settings from the same page.

Finally, this section also shows you a list of what devices are currently registered to your iCloud account. And if you select one of them, you can configure Find My iPhone/iPad/Watch, iCloud Backup, and even remove Apple Pay cards from them.

As mentioned above, this post will regularly update as I find out more information on the latest Beta.

Latest Update: 24th January 2017