Chris Hannah

Gran Canaria Photos

As you may have seen from my update on my micro blog and on social media, I've just came back from a week long trip to Gran Canaria. While I was there, I made full use of the beautiful scenery and landscapes, and took a ton of photos.

I've just finished refining a bunch of them, and I'm left with 14 photos that I'm really happy with.

Note: I took a load more photos at the coast on the last day during sunset. I'm going to edit these separately, as I think they could serve as a great wallpaper pack. But whatever happens with them, I'll post about it here.

All photos were taken on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Walking to the terminal. Gatwick Airport. | Full Size

Playa Taurito Beach | Full Size

Walking around Mogán. | Full Size

Lighthouse near Puerto Rico beach. | Full Size

Boats near Puerto Rico beach. | Full Size

Basket structure exposing the view from Tejeda village.| Full Size

A flowery scene in Tejeda with the views of the valleys and mountains. | Full Size

Tejeda village. | Full Size

A small village in the mountains. | Full Size

Another view of the mountains from Tejeda. | Full Size

One of many rock formations at sunset. | Full Size

Cascading waterfalls in Firgas. | Full Size

Local church in Firgas. | Full Size

Shopping centre in Las Palmas. | Full Size