Chris Hannah

Final Year Project

I think I’m finally getting somewhere regarding my final year project at university.

I had a lecture yesterday which was to introduce everyone to the module that we will take next year, and also to help us understand the project selection process. You can either choose an idea yourself, which will have to be approved by someone to make sure it’s suitable for the module. Otherwise you have to select a top ten of project ideas which have been submitted from other lecturers, and then they will be allocated. I see no other option for myself but to submit my own idea.

The lecturer basically explained to us that this project is a way for us to differentiate ourselves from other students, which will help a lot when looking for a job.

So this kept ticking over in my brain, until a few hours later. I thought if I want a job as a iOS/Mac developer, then surely I should create an app! It was such a simple thing that just didn’t cross my mind, but it gives me a pretty good platform that I can now work on.

The questions I will now ask myself are:

  • What sort of programmer/developer to I want to work as?
  • What industry do I want to work in?
  • What skills would be beneficial for the particular career/industry?

So once I’ve worked them out, I should narrow down my ideas quite a lot. Although I will aim to create something innovative and useful, if I can create something which will get me a job then that’s also a massive help!