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Evernote in the Cloud

My friend Elliot Clowes on Evernote:

As I type this Evernote is on my second monitor to my left. It’s been there all day during which it’s been referred and added to many times. I live in Evernote. But despite that I don’t love it. In fact it seems during the eight years I’ve been using it, I like it less and less each year.

I used to be a big Evernote user myself, with it providing the note-taking infrastructure for my first two years of university. I have since moved on because of problems similar to what Elliot talks about.

But with their recent move to Google Cloud Platform, he has a few good pointers for how they could really improve Evernote as a product and service.

You can read the full post on his blog, I’m Left Handed.

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