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Do You Really Want a Mac Studio?

Matt Birchler shared a very interesting thought experiment regarding whether getting the new Mac Studio is a good decision for you:

Consider an alternate reality where the Mac Studio was released in October 2021, and the new MacBook Pros were just revealed yesterday. Apple would have sold them with some variant of "if you want the power of the Mac Studio, but need to move around, then the new MacBook Pro can get you all the power of the same M1 Max in a thin and light device you can take anywhere."

It may sound simple to some, but I would bet that it’s a thought that most people wouldn’t have. I know it’s now one I’ve thought about when trying to determine if I need the new shiny object that appeals to me.

A lot of the time, when something new and shiny appeals to me, it’s normally because it’s new and shiny, not because it’s necessarily better for me than what I already have.

Marketing can work in wonderful ways, but it can also trick you into swapping a product for something new. Simply because they’ve told you how amazing it is, and the assumption is that well, it must be more amazing than the thing you already have.

I’ll definitely be using this one in the future.