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A Case Study on HEY Email's Onboarding

I just came across a really fun and interactive case study about HEY Email. It’s basically a run through of the user onboarding with an eye on the UX.

After going through the case study, it certainly isn’t a perfect experience. But I still feel like I need to check out HEY at some point. Even just to see what everyone is on about. Although I do already get the feeling that while I may like the idea, it’s not done in the right way for me.

These are of course preemptive, but I’ve got three reasons why I probably won’t like HEY:

  • There’s currently no support for custom domains. So I’d be stuck with another email address.
  • You have to use their own email clients. Which may be fine at the start, but I can’t imagine I’ll be wanting to use the HEY email client for the rest of my life.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about paying for an email service. Especially as everything is so closed down. If I go all in on HEY, then after a year I decide to quit, then I’ve got to go through the process of switching everything to a new address.

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