Chris Hannah

“Built using Bulba”

Two announcements. Firstly, I’m building a static site generator. And secondly, that I’m using said generator to power a new blog of mine.


That’s the name. My new side-project, which is a static site generator, built using Node.js, that can transform a few Markdown files into a static site. It’s still early days now, but it’s already got paginated index pages, archive, about page, JSON feed, and of course, a page for every blog post.

I’m in no way a Node.js or JavaScript programmer, so I can’t always be certain that my code is the best. (Nor can I say that it’s the worst). But I think it will be a fun project to work on, and maybe in the future other people can use it.

You can find Bulba on GitHub and NPM.

Development Blog

To both demonstrate the features of my new tool, and to also share the progress of it’s development, I’m using Bulba to power a new development blog. It’s got a pretty nice url as well: .

Right now, I’m using it for Bulba specific updates, but I can imagine that in the future I may use it to write about other projects I work on too.

Earlier today, I published a post, “Introduction to Bulba”, on my new blog, where I introduce Bulba in detail, showing how it works, what features are currently implemented, and also what I’m working on next.