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Britain and Netherlands Plan to Link Offshore Wind Farms

Will Mathis, writing for Bloomberg Green:

The U.K.’s National Grid Plc and Dutch power transmission operator Tennet Holding BV are developing a plan to link the two countries’ power markets via giant wind farms at sea.The network managers want to use underwater cables to connect as much as 4 gigawatts of offshore wind farms to the power grids of both countries, a move that could open new markets to sell electricity and cut down on times when wind farms are shut off due to oversupply.Interconnectors will only become more important to Britain as its aging fleet of nuclear reactors shuts down, although a new reactor at Hinkley Point C will boost domestic capacity from 2025. National Grid and Tennet aim to identify a first project to lead the plan by the end of next year and be linked by 2029.

It sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Especially the part about oversupply. Imagine having a renewable energy source that's producing more than enough, so you need to shut it down so it doesn't create too much. That's a pretty stupid situation if you ask me.

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