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Apple vs the World

I can't say I'm completely up to date with Apple's various ongoing issues with various government entities, so I can't exactly offer any well thought out opinions. And I also want to say that I'm not exactly that interested in getting into the weeds of it all.

I'm sure in all cases, Apple are right in some areas, and wrong in others. However, what I'm more intruiged in, is the long-term effect that it will have on Apple as a company, and also on the products it builds.

The changes could be related to hardware, software, how Apple's devices interact with devices of other companies, the restrictions they apply to their stores, or it could even affect the company itself. Either way, I'm sure something will end up changing as a result of these various battles.

I'm no longer a die-hard Apple fan, so I'm not going to get overly caught up on any of the arguments for or against them. But there's a reason people talk about Apple's "walled garden". And rightly or wrongly, it seems that more and more people are starting to want to tear down the wall.