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Alphabet and Numbers Icon Pack

Jeff Perry just shared a massive collection of icons designed for use with Shortcuts:

After having the idea of making custom Siri Shortcut icons less than 24 hours ago I am very excited to share with you my Alphabet and Numbers Icon Pack.


This icon pack is exactly how it sounds, custom icons that go from A-Z and 0-9 in various colors with both white and black backgrounds. There are 10 color options for the white background and 10 color options for the black background. In total there are 720 icons to choose from.

It’s super impressive that this was generated just using Shortcuts, with help from the Toolbox Pro app! I’m downloading these right now, and adding them to the icons I have from the MacStories Pixel collections.

Under the hood the icons that are generated are from SF Symbols, Apple’s massive collection of configurable symbol icons. So I’ll be interested to see if this collection can be expanded upon in the future.

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