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Adding Comments

As you may or may not know, this blog runs on Ghost. Well, Ghost has just added support for comments, so I decided to add them to my blog.

I've went through various phases in the past where I've had comments enabled/disabled on my blog, but I think with Ghost's implementation, it shouldn't have too many downsides.

The main factor being that you need to be a member to write a comment. Not a paid member. But you will need to sign up with a name and email address to write any comments.

However, I'm not going to think twice about removing comments or even disabling the feature entirely, if the conversations are irrelevant, toxic, or attract spam.

If you want to write a comment on a post, then you'll see a "Member discussion" section at the bottom of each post page (not on the main list of posts). You'll either get a text field to write a comment, or they'll be a link to either sign up for a free account, or to log in.

So starting from now, if you want to reply a to a post I've written, or maybe you have some extra information or context, please feel free to leave a comment.