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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event

As with all World of Warcraft expansions, Blizzard ramp up an excitement with a “pre-patch” weeks before the launch, to get everyone ready for the changes, and have a sneak peek at the direction the game is going through. This time, the event is a “scourge invasion”, which if you don’t know basically means zombies, everywhere.

There are zombies that appear randomly in the world, and they can infect you, which turns you into a zombie. And in turn you can infect other players and some NPCs. It’s turning out to be pretty enjoyable. I mean, it’s like being asked to troll people, which can be very fun. And as you would expect, there’s a lot of coronavirus related comments being made in the chat.

It’s the not the first time they’ve done an event like this, with a similar (but more brutal) scourge event that happened in 2008 before the lauch of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

While there are quite a few players in game spending hours moaning about the event, most of us are having a lot of fun. It’s really cool that a game the size of World of Warcraft can have these types of events. It breaks up the sometimes monotonous grinding through the game, and allows people to interact and actually just relax and have some fun (Not everyone in-game seems to be a fan of that though).

If you’ve ever thought about trying World of Warcraft, or even just want to enjoy this event, I’d recommend it. There’s a free trial always available, and it gets you pretty much the full experience.

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