Chris Hannah

Why Do So Many Brands Change Their Logos and Look Like Everyone Else?

Radek Sienkiewicz, on the Sans-serification (Yes, I just made that up) of modern logos:

There is a trend in logo design that started around 2017-2018. It’s as if many companies decided that being unique was a handicap and that it was better to be like everyone else. Or at least, that’s how it feels to me.

The trend started with fashion logos. Many iconic fashion companies ditched their recognizable logos and switched to a bland and very similar version of a sans serif font.

The technology sector followed soon after.

— Radek Sienkiewicz, Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?

This is a trend that is clearly visible, and I think is part of a bigger trend in modern design. In my opinion we see less personality and originality in logos nowadays. A logo used to be something, not just a brand name in a sans-serif font, a specific colour, styled with abnormal capitalisation.

One theory I have, is that it’s part of a brands evolution to progressively make their logo more and more generic. Because maybe they see that as part of becoming a more reputable brand, instead of a small childish company with a trendy logo. Whatever the reason may be, I think I would still prefer to see companies show some personality once in a while.