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What Is Title Case?

This is a guide related to my app, Text Case. It’s a utility app that lets you transform text into various different formats. You can find all the guides in one place, and Text Case on the App Store.

Title Case is the term people use when referring to the format in which titles should be capitalised. However, this isn’t an entirely objective format, as there are multiple standards that different writers use, and also some choose to customise them even further.

In Text Case, I’ve chosen to support four different standards of Title Case:

These standards are much bigger than just rules on how titles should be capitalised, but it is, of course, the only relevant part for Text Case.


AP format is commonly used by news organisations, as the Associated Press offer style guides for a wide arrange of writing, and it can be easy to use one entire standard.

With AP format, the first and last words are always capitalised, along with all verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Any prepositions or conjunctions that are four characters or more are also capitalised.


APA format is very similar to AP format, in that it uses the same base rules, except that the last word isn’t capitalised by default.


MLA format is commonly used by academic writers when writing papers. It is a rather simple standard to follow, with all words being capitalised, except for a specific number of conjunctions.


CMOS is one of the more popular standards that I’ve seen among bloggers, and it’s one that I use myself. In CMOS, all words are capitalised except for any preposition or conjunction. It’s commonly used when doing comprehensive, in-depth writing.

Changing Title Case Style in Text Case

You can change the Title Case style by navigating to the Settings page, choosing “Text Case Style”, and then selecting the style that you wish you use.

You can also tap on the Info icon on any of the styles, to find out more information on how they are used, and also a link to read more about them.

When you’re using the Title Case format, you can see the style that is being used on the top right of the formatted result. For example, the app in the screenshot is using APA style.

You can download Text Case on the App Store.

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