Chris Hannah

UK regulators cause Microsoft/Activision Blizzard merger to collapse

Tom Espiner & Will Harris, for BBC News:

Microsoft’s president has attacked the UK after it was blocked from buying US gaming firm Activision, saying the EU was a better place to start a business.The move was “bad for Britain” and marked Microsoft’s “darkest day” in its four decades of working in the country, Brad Smith told the BBC.The regulator hit back saying it had to do what’s best for people, “not merging firms with commercial interests”.The UK’s move means the multi-billion dollar deal cannot go ahead globally.

When I heard about this potential merger, I can’t say I particularly cared much, apart from the effect it could have on one of my favourite games, World of Warcraft. But now I’ve read more about the potential monopoly it could give Microsoft, and also their childish response to the decision, I’m coming quite happy that the UK blocked the deal.

Even though the UK regulator has blocked the deal from happening (of course, there will be appeals), I would very much appreciate it if the US and EU regulators did the same.