Chris Hannah

The Perfect iPad For Me

I wrote a post a while ago about how I was trying to automate saving money by writing more, and the goal of that saving was to purchase an iPad Pro 12.9”. But I don’t think I actually need an iPad Pro. My mind was only set on the Pro because I want the bigger size.

In fact, this relates to what I said in my post about the M1 chip. Since I talked about how Apple designs products to fit a use case, and instead of just working out what the best device is, I need to work out what my use case is first. And the thing is, although I play some games on my iPad, what I’ll mostly use it for is writing, reading, browsing Reddit, etc. Nothing particularly taxing.

Sure, I want a machine to be powerful enough so that nothing felt slow, I don’t want to be constantly pushing the machine. But I’m pretty sure the new iPad Air is capable of everything I’d throw at it and more. The only problem being the screen size. I think my perfect iPad would be an iPad Air 12.9” (or similar). Maybe two USB C ports would be nice, so I could plug in a charger and monitor without using a cable, and even have space for more accessories. But the monitor I have can power an iPad with the same USB C cable, and I don’t actually use any accessories apart from a Bluetook Keychron K2 keyboard, and a cheap USB mouse. Although that’s going to be upgraded eventually.

To be honest, I can’t see Apple bringing out a bigger iPad Air. I think it would start to add just a bit more confusion between the Air and the Pro models. And also, if you look to the iPhone and MacBook, the larger size for both of those models are only available to the Pro. I’ll probably have to end up getting whatever 12.9” iPad comes out next, and I assume that will be a Pro model next year.

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