Chris Hannah

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive

I’ve seen Grand Seiko watches before, but I’ve only ever really thought about them as a dressed-up Seiko. Probably because I’d never actually researched into the unique movement that the watches have.

Personally, I’d always prefer a mechanical movement over a battery-based Quartz movement. Especially if I’m spending a decent amount of money on a watch.

However, I wasn’t aware that the Grand Seiko Spring Drive was it’s own unique movement. In simplistic terms, it’s a combination of a mechanical and Quartz movement. However, to say it’s a hybrid approach is probably not giving it the credit it deserves.

Teddy Baldassarre has made a great video that really shows the beauty of the Spring Drive movement:

A mechanical watch movement, with the accuracy of a Quartz movement? I’m starting to think that I will eventually end up owning one of these.