Chris Hannah

The Division of 2020

One thing that really bugged me last year was the apparent level of divisiveness that seemed to grow between people. I think most of it was caused by politics, with the popular reasons to divide being the US elections and UK leaving the EU.

Those two examples are obviously contentious since both of them resulted in major differences in opinions. But that’s not what bugged me since you’ll always find people with different opinions to your own. Instead, it was the constant degradation of the “opposition”. Every situation was simplified down to two sides, all nuance was removed, and every side seemed to think the opposition were idiots. Not people with different opinions, instead they were people that you could look down upon.

I don’t want to get into specifics on this issue, since I think it will only cause more division. But I think a lot of people will recognise how split the world is becoming.

I’m not sure how the current divides between people can be fixed, but I know that the first step has to be recognising that other people won’t always have the same opinions or priorities as you, and it doesn’t make you or them bad because of it. And that’s something I’m definitely going to be focussing on this year.