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The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss 📖

This book basically boils down to learning how to remove yourself from the typical 9-5 workday, equip yourself with the skills and mindset needed to relocate anywhere in the world, and also to optimise everything in your life.

Tim talks a lot about the tools needed, and the procedures that you can try, in order to move to working more remotely. This sets in motion the rest of the book, in that it is designed for enhancing your work-life balance, and being stuck in an office for a set about of time, is a big part of that.

Once you’ve grasped the idea on how beneficial it is to be able to work anywhere, and anytime, you’re introduced to a whole load of wisdom. There’s a huge section on automation, which spans from having a business working in the background, to having real-life, virtual assistants working for you around the clock.

What I Took From the Book

What I appreciated most in this book was the general ideas around moving to a more remote job, basic knowledge on starting a business, and having it work for you, and also the section on liberation.

If I could read just one section, it would be Liberation. It is where Tim explains methods on how to transition out of an office job, embracing the traveller lifestyle, and how to enjoy “mini-retirements”.

There’s so much knowledge that I have found in this book, and too much for me even to put in to words, because I’m sure a lot of it will go unnoticed, until I’m in a certain situation in the future.

But in general, I learned that your job does now need to be static, your life doesn’t encompass just your career, and there are more important things in life than making just that extra bit of profit.

Travelling is a major key in life, and with it, you can learn a whole lot of skills, experience new ways of thinking, and at the very end, your life will be more rich than if you simply worked in an office all of your life. There is no point in living, just to work.

This is book that I think can be skimmed over in some parts, but there is something in this book for everyone.

Notable Quotes

Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.

“I’m not the president of the U.S. No one should need me at 8 P.M. at night. OK, you didn’t get a hold of me. But what bad happened?” The answer? Nothing.

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This article is part of my book review series. I aim to read at least one book per month in 2018, and where possible (basically if it’s non-fiction), I’ll write something here about it.