Chris Hannah

The 2016 Panic Report

Cabel Sasser on the latest Panic Report:

Welcome to 2017… Panic’s 20th anniversary!!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Some of you may not know that we founded our company in 1997, but it’s true. We’re older than Facebook, older than Twitter, older than Google, and somehow still kickin’.

Every year is a little different, and last year was for sure — a little bit quieter on the software front (at least publicly), and a whole lot louder on the launch-of-a-major-multi-platform-video-game front.

Yes, it’s time: here’s a look back at 2016, and look forward to 2017.

It’s a really intriguing piece, and although it’s quite lengthy, I’m glad I read it. Panic is one of my favourite software companies (I love Firewatch), and Transmit 5 looks really impressive.

Read the full article on the Panic Blog.

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