Chris Hannah

Text Case CLI 1.4

I’m on holiday in Gran Canaria this week, and whilst I was sitting on a sun lounger, I decided that I’d add a few more formats to the Text Case CLI tool.

Coming in the latest release (version 1.4), are 5 more formats which are all different counts:

  • countCharacters -Count number of characters.
  • countCharactersExclWhitespace - Count number of characters, excluding any whitespace characters.
  • countWords - Count number of words.
  • countLines - Count number of lines.
  • countLinesExclBlanks - Count number of lines, excluding any blank lines.

That now means Text Case CLI has 49 different formats.

You can find installation instructions on the Text Case CLI GitHub repo.

While you’re there, I’d encourage you to show any appreciation with a star or a watch, since I’d like to eventually move this tool to an official Homebrew cask. And one of the requirements of that is that the repo must be notable as in over 30 forks, 30 watchers, and 75 stars.