Chris Hannah

Text Case 2020.2

Text Case is getting it’s second update of the year (as you can probably tell by the version number), and while it’s not a big one, it contains one fix and support for pointers in iPadOS.

The fix is for the Sentence Case format, which by default capitalises any word that comes after a full stop. However, it didn’t apply this rule after question marks and exclamation marks. This has now been fixed.

Because of the new pointer support in iPadOS, I’ve added a slight hover state for the formats in the main list, and also other parts of the interface. A side benefit of me doing this, is that this also works in the macOS version as well. Simply because that is a Catalyst app. It reminds me that without Catalyst, I probably wouldn’t have made a macOS app for Text Case at all. But now I get to develop essentially for three platforms at once, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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