Chris Hannah

Standing Back and Watching

In recent years, I think I’ve become somewhat more of a spectator when it comes to the latest trends in technology. Whereas in the past I would jump on every new social network, blogging platform, or whatever the new hype is.I’m not sure if it’s to do with age, and generally not having as much time or effort to jump into all the new things, but I’m beginning to become quite fond of well planned challenges and experiments. I’ll be writing more about this in this months newsletter, but I’ve found them to be very effective in making informed decisions. Especially when used after doing some initial research, limiting the scope, and setting fixed goals/outcomes, rather than having a constant stream of new things being tested.

There are a few things that interest me right now where I’m just waiting on the sidelines to see how they evolve. Such as Hey’s blogging service, cryptocurrencies, Clubhouse, and a few others.

I’m not saying I won’t try new things anymore, but I’m trying to at least evaluate them properly, and making a decision whether things will actually add value to my life.

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