Chris Hannah

Slate Development Log #2

As you may have realised, development on Slate, my client for iOS, hasn’t really been going anywhere recently.

I’ve been meaning to just get a very early build on TestFlight for a while now. Simply so people can have early access, and see how it feels for them as I progress.

However, since my first development log, I’ve spent most of the time trying to optimise the code and nothing that adds any features to the app. And at the same time, the only things I had left on my plan for the first beta version, was just some icons. So I’ve lost a long time, simply because I’ve been procrastinating about creating a few images.

Tab Bar

I’m sure everyone will be pleased that, I’ve created some icons for the menu, and the tab bar at the bottom of the app. I did also plan to make an app icon, but this is really going to hold the project back because I simply can’t be bothered to make one yet.

So, right now I’m going to start all the boring procedures for getting the app set up iTunes connect, and then getting a build to TestFlight.

If you want immediate access to the first beta, then all I’ll need is an email address. Feel free to email me, or find me on Twitter or Everyone’s welcome.

You’ve just got to remember, that it is super in development.

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