Chris Hannah

Shot on iPhone Controversy

There seems to be a small about of controversy with Apple’s recent Scary Fast event, since they’ve showed everyone how it was all shot using an iPhone.

The criticism seems to be along the lines of “Yeah, you used the iPhone, but you also used a ton of other camera tools and accessories.”.

In my mind, this misses the point of the #shotoniphone idea. To me, shot on iPhone means that the entire filming process used an iPhone in place of where a real camera used to be.

To think that using an iPhone to film a video suddenly mean a camera dolly isn’t needed, or that an iPhone torch can replace flood lights, is pretty stupid.

If an entire video can be made on an iPhone without any extra accessories at all, then that’s great. But if an iPhone can slot into a big-money filming process, replacing a probably hugely expensive camera, then I think that’s still something worth shouting about.