Chris Hannah

Scrivener for iOS - Feature Overview

As you may already know, Scrivener, the great writing app for Mac/Windows, has now come to iOS!

I’ve heard about Scrivener a lot before, and it seems to be the most popular app for novelists. Well as you would presume, it’s pretty feature packed. And I didn’t really know where to start when trying to learn about it. Now it’s on iOS, it seems like that’s version I would use myself.

Fortunately for all potential Scrivener users, the developers, Literature & Latte, have released a 10 minute video which goes over all the features in the iOS app!

Scrivener for iOS – Feature Overview from Literature & Latte on Vimeo.

If you want to read a bit more about Scrivener, here are some articles I found:

Scrivener for iOS will be available on the 20th July in the morning (UK time). So you can either just search Scrivener on the App Store, or use this link which will direct you to the app once it’s live.