Chris Hannah

Relay FM Sticker Pack

As many of you will already know, Relay FM is home to a whole bunch of awesome podcasts, and people!

So it only makes sense that they bring some of the humour, artwork, and personality to your devices via iMessage Stickers!

When considering the next update to our app, we didn’t have to look any further than Myke’s sticker-covered laptop and iPads.

You can now cover your iMessage conversations with artwork inspired by your favourite Relay FM podcasts. Bringing jokes from the shows into your conversations is easy as a tap and drag on your iPhone or iPad. – Relay FM Extras

So in the latest version of their app, you get 40 stickers, which includes things like #mykewasright, and the Viticci Seal of Quality. Some of them have cool animations as well!

So if you already have the Relay FM app, the stickers will be in your Messages app already, otherwise download it from the App Store for free!

P.S. More Relay FM Sticker Packs are also on their way!

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