Chris Hannah

Razer Create Mechanical Keyboard for iPad Pro

That’s not a headline that many would expect, but Razer have indeed created a mechanical keyboard for the iPad Pro.

They’ve made this keyboard, and packed it into a case which also features a metal kickstand, and a protective outer case for the actual iPad.

The kickstand isn’t fixed to any specific angle, like most other cases/stands, and can be adjusted to any preferred position. That’s a pretty big improvement on the rest.

They also developed “ultra-low-profile” mechanical switches for the keys, which you can read more about. They say the force needed to recognise a key press is 70g, but I don’t really know what this means. I use a mechanical keyboard sometimes, but I don’t see any huge difference between them and my MacBook.

It also allows you to type in dark environments, as it features backlighting! Which once you’ve tried, you can’t not have.

The battery life is okay if you use the backlighting constantly, which will give you approximately 10 hours on a single charge. But if you turn off the backlighting, it will last approximately 600 hours. So I guess it isn’t that bad, just don’t use the backlight too much.

It’s available in the store already for a whopping £159.99, but it seems it’s currently being shipped from the US. So while you get free shipping, there will probably be a customs/tax charge with it.

Overall, I really like the design, and I much prefer typing on a mechanical keyboard to a glass screen. But not enough to spend that amount of money unfortunately.


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