Chris Hannah

Quickly Saving Web Pages to my Notes #

Matthew Cassinelli, previously a developer of the now Apple-owned Workflow app, has started blogging recently. And I thought I’d share one of his recent workflows, about quickly saving webpages to the Bear notes app.

I’ve been doing more research on iOS lately as my iPhone is the device I use the most, so capturing full web pages quickly saves me a lot of time. While I really like Apple Notes’ latest iterations, it’s not easy to clip websites there – so I adopted Bear for notes, which has support for Markdown, images, and a handy Get URL function.

Bear’s ability to download websites as a note is killer, but it’s usually easily available for most people via their Action Extension. Rather than limiting my access to the share sheet, I’ve been taking advantage of the Workflow action Get Bear Note From URL1 to save web pages from anywhere on iOS.

I never knew Bear had that feature, and that may push me into using it again in the future. But this workflow has a bit more complexity that most, in that it can be run from the today widget using the clipboard contents, from the share sheet, and from other apps like Launch Center Pro.

Seeing as he used to actually work on the Workflow app, his blog is certainly one to keep an eye on.

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