Chris Hannah

Practical uses for AI generators

I meant to link to this when I first read it a few days ago, but Matt Birchler wrote a great piece on his practical uses for AI generators:

If you follow me anywhere online, you know that I’m enamored with the potential of these “AI” generation tools and I’m trying as many as I can get my hands on. Tons of apps are integrating text generation using OpenAI’s API, which actually makes it stupid easy to bring software into any app. All the magic happens automatically on the back end, and all you need to do as a dev is post text to their very simple endpoint and show the result to your user, and it feels like magic.So while every app is adding AI features, I wanted to look at practical uses I’m using these tools for today.

From what I’ve seen so far about the various AI generators, this list was the first that made me interested in trying them out for myself.