Chris Hannah

One Questionable Feature in Tweetbot #


Tweetbot for Mac has been my number one choice of Twitter client for a while now (apart from a few weeks with the official Twitter app), but there’s always been one "feature" that’s really confused me.

I personally think that Tapbots have high level of precision, and I can see that 99.9% of Tweetbot does something a certain way for a reason. It’s that 0.1% I’m confused about.

It’s about what happens when you double click on the Profile icon… It makes your profile appear in your web browser? Why would I ever want to go to Favstar? What is Favstar?

On all the other icons, double clicking would move the relevant list to the top, such as Mentions, Activity, etc. So instead of just switching to the different tab, you can quickly scroll up.

But why isn’t this the same with the Profile? Why can’t I just quickly see my most recent tweets?