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Issue #2

The second week of the new format, and I’m really liking it! It’s more manual collation at the minute, but I’m going to start investigation different ways to try and pull the data into one place easier.

In the initial format, I just used a tag on Pinboard, and while that is still serving me well for the “Interesting Links” section, I know I can do more.

Anyway, here it is:

A brilliant way to use Emoji on Macs that aren’t cool enough to have a Touch Bar.

Monzo – The Monzo Current Account Preview!
You can register interest for the Monzo Current Account! Wooooo!

We Are Still in Notification Hell
My thoughts exactly.

Apple’s Risky Balancing Act With the Next iPhone
Scale isn’t always a good thing.

Facebook’s secretive hardware division is exploring modular smartphones – The Verge
Is this the latest "cool idea" in Silicon Valley?


Why It’s HARD To Land on Mars
Not impossible, but hard.

The hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes
This is random, but super interesting. I’m definitely going to think about this next time I’m bowling.

Un albero un anno – One tree one year
We all tend to forget what goes on around us.

See Hummingbirds Fly, Shake, Drink in Amazing Slow Motion | National Geographic
It’s incredible how slow motion can help bring a new understanding to things.

Real-time Mixed Reality ARKit/Unity rig driven by HTC Vive | @normalVR
Maybe on of the best examples I’ve seen of Apple’s AR Kit, this time combining the experience of AR and VR.

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor – Doctor Who
So the next Doctor is a woman. Big Whoop. Whether she’s great for the role or not, it’s nothing to do with what’s down her pants.

On the Blog

What I’m Up To

This week hasn’t been super productive for me, I’ve mainly been at work and playing games.

One thing I have been working on though, is a very minimal Swift framework called “CHEssentials”. It’s not a big open source project or anything, but there are a bunch of things I always do when writing Swift apps, that I just want to stick in one place, so I can reuse them.

It’s quite small right now, but as I’m writing Swift, I’m always updating it. The most beneficial ones for me are the String/Date parsing, and rounding numbers.

You can find it on GitHub, and feel free to do whatever you want with it!

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