Chris Hannah

Issue #1

There’s a big change this week, and it’s the transition from being the “Weekly Links” newsletter, to the “Chris Hannah Blog – Newsletter”. A bit wordy, but that’s technically what it is, maybe it could use a better name.

Anyway, the new newsletter is an extension of the initial format, with it now covering a wider array of content. So instead of just being a list of links, it will include videos, what I’ve been up to on the blog, what I’m currently working on, and hopefully even more in the future.

I won’t bore you too much about it, but I wrote about the changes on my blog.

The distribution of letters in English words
Weird, but interesting.

Bundle Command Line Tool in macOS App
A great mini-guide from Sam Soffes, I’ll be using this myself!

[Exclusive: This is the 2017 Google Pixel "XL," with low-bezel AMOLED display and squeezable frame]( "Exclusive: This is the 2017 Google Pixel "XL," with low-bezel AMOLED display and squeezable frame")
I was a fan of the original Pixel, and I quite like the look of this one too. I can’t see anything pulling me from my iPhone 7+ though, especially as there’s literally no other way to enjoy iOS.

Why Security Experts Are Pissed That ‘1Password’ Is Pushing Users to the Cloud
I’m not a user of 1Password (I had a trial, but didn’t use it enough to warrant buying), but it doesn’t look like it’s going in the right direction.

Dash-dash it all! Apple’s bad beta decision on em and en dashes
I understand why people care about this stuff, but I always find these types of posts quite funny, and very #firstworldproblems.


Remarkable Time-Lapse: Watch Caterpillars Transform Into Butterflies | National Geographic
I found their method pretty weird, and maybe a bit unethical (on a minuscule scale), but this is a great video!

Scientists Fly a Drone to Collect Whale Snot | National Geographic
I bet you’ve never heard of that before.

How Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He Wants
It’s obviously a clickbait title, but there’s a lot of truth behind it. And it’s worth a watch.

The Reality of Indie Life 
A really great talk by Stephen Hackett about becoming an indie, the problems he faced and how he overcame them, and a few other interesting topics.

On the Blog

What I’m Up To

Right now I have a few projects in “progress”, some are really in progress, and there’s one still stuck in my head.

My biggest? project is Hydrate, and that is a water intake app for iOS, which is actually in Beta. It has over 100 beta testers at the minute, so this is one of my priorities.

Then there is the mini-project, which is the process of myself cleaning up my blog, and optimising everything to make it as lean as possible.

The final project, is something I have already wrote about on my blog, but just to put them all in one place – I want to make an alternative to Google Analytics. I’m not actually going “big” for this one, because it’s a personal thing that I want myself, but I think I know how I’m going to do it now.