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New Watch(es) Strategy

I’m now a happy owner of a Series 3 Apple Watch! It arrived today, and I’m very happy with how shiny and new it is! This isn’t a review though, or any big piece about that specific new watch, but rather a new idea that I’ve had now that I now own two watches.

My other watch is a Series 0, and was coming to it’s death anyway (it’s even got part of the glass missing). But I’ve still got an idea of how it can fit into my life.

And that is by using my Series 0 to track my sleep, and then my Series 3 for normal watch stuff! I now have two chargers, so one could be permanently placed on my desk, and I can transport the other when necessary. Although I don’t imagine it being so.

The Watch Set-ups

So the first thing you do when you get a new product, is to set it up, and add all the apps, download all the things, etc. But on the new watch, I’m keeping it pretty default for the beginning. Purely so I can find out what I really use, but only installing when necessary. But that’s a story for the future.

This just leaves my original watch, and because I’ve had it for such a long time, there’s a ton of apps on it. And to be honest, I don’t know the last time I opened an app on my watch, or at least on purpose.

So, I did a kind of un-set-up (maybe a set-down?), which meant getting rid of most things on the watch.

I started by removing all the apps, turning off the features like handoff, bedside mode, notification indicators, and activity monitoring.

Then it was the watch face, so they were all deleted, apart from a modular face. Which I have customised to have the time in the top right as usual, and the middle complication is the alarms. Everything else is blank. Because what else would I ever need to see if I’m in bed? Hopefully I’d be sleeping.

There’s also a few more little settings that will make the sleep-watch experience better. For example, the brightness is the lowest it can go, the text size is a bit larger, and it will be on Do Not Disturb, Silent, and Theatre modes, all the time.

So it now does nothing I guess?

Oh except, I installed AutoSleep on it. Because that’s the app I use to monitor my sleep on my iPhone, and I’m not sure if this needs to be installed to track it, or if it uses data taken from the sensors automatically. Either way, it’s quicker than researching it.

More Thoughts

This is a bit of a random idea I’ve come up with, and although I’ve heard people using multiple watches like this before, or even using one watch but charging throughout the day, it is more effort. And the ability to track sleep is a nice thing, and won’t really benefit me in anyway. But it’s data, and it’s fun! (Or at least I guess it will be for the early stages).

I’ll probably write an updated post, when I have an idea of how it’s working. But for now, I need to start working on my MultiWatch lifestyle.

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