Chris Hannah

Looking Forward

Greg Morris, wrote a greate piece on why he’s decided to take an optimistic approach for the future:

We are not The nEw NoRmaL but the hope I look up to is that we become something different than before. That I become something different. Working, Social and everything in-between is improved to a point where it improves lives and we are more community orientated. We look out for each other and build a community around it that cares and looks out for us in our times of need and is built of real relationships.

— Greg Morris, Looking Forward

I totally agree. It’s clear that the pandemic will have long-lasting effects on society, and our attitudes towards things like being social, having a good work-life balance, and many others. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the future will be bad. Especially if we take responsibility for it, and take action towards changing things that we don’t like, instead of hoping for someone else to do it.