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Ivory for Mastodon

I can’t give any higher praise to Ivory other than that it’s largely the reason why I’m still using Mastodon today. Before Ivory, I always felt friction when I tried to use Mastodon. I was drawn back to Twitter because it was easier. But when I finally got on to the Ivory beta, it gave the platform much more weight for me. It was as if this client app suddenly gave Mastodon years of experience in one go, and now I was using a seemingly more mature platform.

You could say that is exactly what Ivory did to Mastodon. Because essentially Ivory is “Tweetbot for Mastodon”, and Tweetbot was already a fantastic Twitter client, and had evolved so much throughout the years to reach its final state. And now all of that growth has been applied to a brand new platform.

I won’t go into a full app review—Federico Viticci has done a great job of that on MacStories—but I will say that if you’re on the fence about Mastodon, I would suggest giving Ivory a go. To get all the functionality you will have to pay a subscription, but you can test it fully for 7 days for free. Which I think is more than enough to discover how much this app enhances the experience of using Mastodon.

If you do feel like giving Mastodon or Ivory a go, you can find me on my own instance at

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