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I’m Trying out Mailbrew Again

I’ve been trying to find a way to discover interesting links and generally more things to read. Because, although I currently use a mix of, Twitter, and RSS, to get news/articles delivered to me. It always felt to me that it wasn’t exactly a diverse source of information and that it relied on a number of people discovering something first.

But then I listened to the latest version of AppStories, where John Voorhees and Federico Viticci discussed how they read newsletters, and they came on to the subject of Mailbrew1. Which reminded me that I tried the service out a while ago, but for some reason that I can’t remember, I stopped using it.

However, they’ve since added a Twitter integration that allows you to view the “top links” from either your timeline or a specific list. And since I’ve stopped using Twitter as much recently, I thought it sounded pretty handy. So I’ve decided to give it a go again.

My daily digest still needs a bit of refinement, since I probably have slightly too many sections. But I’m sure I’ll make changes as I go and if I start seeing trends where a section just isn’t that interesting.

But for now, I’ve gone with these sources:

  • Top posts from Hacker News
  • Popular items from Product Hunt
  • Assorted feeds:
    • Designer News
    • Lifehacker
    • The Verge
    • BBC News
    • The Independent
    • (Swift)
  • Top posts from specific Reddit subreddits:
    • productivity
    • design
    • travel
    • technology
    • programming
    • apple
  • Top links from Twitter (I have a few private Twitter lists for bloggers, developers, and tech in general).

Mailbrew seems like a really good fit for my desire to have an easy way to get articles from all around the web. I think the only work that I will need to do is to find the sources that are right for me.

  1. Mailbrew is a service where you can combine various sources to form a daily digest email. ↩︎


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