Chris Hannah

Eurovision Song Contest 2020

If like me, you usually watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year (My wider family usually has a big party), then you’ll no doubt be missing this year’s final. Since it was cancelled, which brought the end of it’s run of 64 years of being held, which makes it the longest-running annual international television contest.

It wasn’t completely cancelled though, as the final did go ahead in some form. A three-hour show was put together, which premiered on the Eurovision YouTube channel, that included all the songs from the first and second semi-final rounds. And apart from the scoring at the end, the show was relatively similar. With the performances mainly being taken from earlier rounds, and there were still various short clips throughout the show, that showed the artists in more detail, their reactions to other songs, and more.

The Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 show has been split into two videos: Part One, and Part Two. And there’s absolutely tons more content on their YouTube Channel.

Myself and my girlfriend both want to go to a Eurovision final at some point. But we’re holding out for it to be held in a city that we want to also go to for other reasons, so we can combine the trip. This year it was supposed to be held in Rotterdam, which is where it’s actually returning next year, so that’s probably the closest it’s going to be, without it being held in the UK. Rotterdam isn’t exactly a city that we’d travel to usually, but as it’s close it might not be too much of a hassle. Anyway, we’ll find that out when more information is released.


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